Hodges Happy Cleaning - We Clean Your Mess For Less!
Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have the same people clean my house each time? 
Yes!  The first time clean you will have two or more people come to clean your home, and then any cleaning services after that, one or two of those people will be your regular cleaning person. 
Can I pay for my cleaning service on line?
Yes!  Just go to our billing section of this website. 
How will you get into my house if I am not home? 
There are several options for entry to the house. You can leave a key under a front door mat, give a garage code, etc. Please call Jennifer Hodges to set this up prior to your cleaning service.  All keys and codes are kept at the Hodges Happy Cleaning office in a fire proof safe.
Do you offer cleaning with environmentally safe products?
Yes!  We try to use 'Green' cleaning products with all cleaning services.  If you would like us to ONLY use 'Green' products when cleaning your home, please contact Jennifer Hodges prior to your cleaning service and let her know.
Are you licensed and insured?
Yes!  We are a licensed and insured cleaning company.  Please see the complete service guide on the previous pages for complete information. 
Are the people on your cleaning staff checked and experienced?
Everyone who works for Hodges Happy Cleaning is a verified employee with a valid AZ drivers license, and at least 3 years cleaning experience. 
What if I am unhappy with my cleaning service? 
We would hope that this would never happen, but if you are at all unhappy with the services done at your home or office, please contact Jennifer Hodges right away so we can discuss the issues you have and come up with a solution.  We never want any of our customers to be unhappy with our cleaning services.  Feel free to contact Jennifer Hodges anytime via phone or email and she will get back to you within 24 hours. 
Do you bring your own supplies? 
Yes!  Hodges Happy Cleaning staff will bring all their own cleaning supplies including vacuum cleaners and mops.  If you would like them to use certain supplies or your own vacuum to clean, please let Jennifer Hodges know prior to the scheduled service so she can let the staff know.