Hodges Happy Cleaning - We Clean Your Mess For Less!
Sub Contract Worker Opportunities
We are always looking for quality house cleaners to join our staff.
We evaluate our cleaning team members based on their attendance, performance, and attitude.  Our starting pay averages $35 - $60/job we pay by the job NOT by the hour.  Jobs are usually 2-4 hours each. 
If you would like to become a part of our team:
You must be available to work between the hours of 8:30am - 4pm Monday through Friday, and 8am - 3pm Saturday and Sunday (not every weekend).  You DO NOT need to be available everyday and you DO NOT need to be available the whole day. 
You would like for you to have had cleaned houses on your own before, however we will train the right person.  We usually require at least 1 year previous cleaning experience to join our team.
You must have a current AZ Drivers license.
You must have a working vehicle and cell phone with texting capabilities.
You must be able to speak and read English.
You must be at least 18 years of age. For legal reasons it is necessary for our workers to meet a minimum age requirement.
If you meet all of our requirements and would like to apply please fill out the form below.
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Cell phone with Texting Capabilities?
Zip code
Email Address:
Are you a US Citizen?
Can you speak and write good English?
Drivers License Number
Vehicle Make & Model
Have you ever been convicted of a crime (other than traffic violations) or been imprisoned during the last seven years?
Employment Desired
House Cleaning Experience (other people's houses)
Date you can start
Kind of Experience
Residential Cleaning
Empty house cleaning
Office Cleaning
Vacation / Rental property cleaning
Apartment cleaning
Construction cleaning
Desired Salary
Why do you want to join the Hodges Happy Cleaning team?
What special skills or qualities do you have that would make you both a good employee and a good house cleaner?
Please list your previous employer & what your job duties were
What are your future plans?
Are you interested in a position with HHC in the future such as Trainer, Team Leader, Estimator or Office Staff?
How long do you see yourself working for HHC if given an opportunity?